Widmer’s Cheddar Mild

Widmer’s Cheddar Mild

Mild Cheddar 1 lb Heritage: Prior to 1850, nearly all the cheese produced in the United States was Cheddar. Cheddar production in Wisconsin began in the mid 1800’s and by 1880, more Cheddar was produced in Wisconsin than any other cheese variety. Today it accounts for a large percentage of the cheese made in the state, which makes Wisconsin the leader in U.S. Cheddar production. Description: Rich, nutty flavor becomes increasingly sharp with age. The smooth, firm texture becomes more granular and crumbly with age. Usually golden; also available in white. Slice for sandwiches, and snacks; shred into casseroles, soups, and sauces.

Package weighs approximately 16 ounces

This product is sold in-store only.

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