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Our pricing is based on the green weight of your deer. Additional charges may apply to poorly trimmed or skinned deer. The price per pound is determined by the combination of venison and pork/beef added to create the final product. Please be aware that prices are subject to change.

Drop-off requirements

Venison Drop-off Information

  • A $50 deposit is mandatory for every full deer dropped off.
  • We gladly accept boneless venison year-round at both of our locations. 
  • We insist that all deer must be field dressed. Failure to do so may result in additional fees and a reduction in the end product.

Important Note: We do not accept any wild game meat brought in scented bags. Please use clear, unscented bags for your meat.

Horicon Location

  • Please note that we do not accept whole deer drop-offs at our Horicon location.
  • We will take boneless only in Horicon during normal business hours.
  • Your boneless meat must be in clear, non-scented, bags to be accepted. 
  • We have to right to refuse any product not up to our standards.

Fox Lake Location

  • We only accept full deer drop-offs at our Fox Lake location during gun season, Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 9 am and 4 pm.
  • No full deer will be accepted on Thanksgiving Day.
  • Please note that there is no after-hours drop-off available during gun season.
  • It’s a good idea to check our website or call us at 920-485-2554 ext 2 to confirm if we are currently accepting full deer during gun season, as this may change.

How-to cut & field dress

Purchase the knife set used in these videos at this link.

Special Requests and Meat Return

We regret to inform you that we no longer accept special requests or batches of your own meat.

The products listed are the only options available for processing your boneless meat.

Lead Times

  • During the beginning of deer season, there is an estimated lead time of 8-10 weeks for sausage or fresh products made from your trim.
  • During gun season, this lead time extends to 12-14 weeks for sausage products.
  • Please plan accordingly and be patient.

Pickup Timeframe

If your final product is not picked up within 4 months of receiving a notification that it is complete, we reserve the right to impose a daily holding fee until it is collected.

Pork Percentage in Products

  • Products with 50% of pork added: Bacon, Bratwurst, and all other fresh products.
  • Products with 40% of pork added: Snack Sticks, Summer Sausage, and Smoked Sausages.

Weight Loss Expectations

Some products may experience weight loss during processing:

  • Summer Sausage: 20% loss
  • Snack Sticks: 28% loss
  • Smoked Sausages: 25% loss
  • Bacon: 15% loss
  • All Fresh Products: No loss

Thank you for choosing us for your deer processing needs. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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